Saturday, 12 November 2011

Black, Red and Pearl

A bit of bright color for my weekend. I think we all need some brights when the weather starts to get a little less bright and cheerful. Scored this top at a resale store called Crossroads here in Berkeley for like $8 and its so soft and lovely- often get compliments on it. The cardigan is covered in pretty little pearls- again from a resale store. Black pants actually got in India (my parents live there!). But mainly the point I want to make is that no matter where you get it from you can make it work! Have fun with crazy colors and match it with some simple neutrals (or black) and make it work. Also, as always, the proof is in the details like this pearl cardi. I do need to get a couple more pears to sow into this (as you may notice). Don't reject an item just because it needs a little home-work. Don't be lazy people! get a-fixing and a-sowing!
Cardigan- Buffalo Exchange
Shirt- Crossroads Trading Co
Pants- Random Department Store- Rolled up
Shoes- Primark UK
Ring- H&M

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