Saturday, 29 October 2011

Grey Gray

Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful Halloween weekend. I saw the most awesome costume today. This girl at the coffee shop had attached a doll's head on her shoulder- so subtle, so creepy, so wonderful. Anyways, today has been grey day (i say 'grey' these funny Americans say grAy) my sister laughed at me for using the term 'fall' instead of 'autumn' in a previous post. fair play. I am apparently coming over to the dark side- it is inevitable of course. But any ways, here we go. Wearing my ah-mazing thrifted vest. People often comment that I am giving off the Michael Jackson Thriller vibe. And in fact the vest's label is 'B.A.D' but that just makes it that much more awesome in my opinion- never be ashamed of sending out some MJ vibes. This outfit is a good representation of what I am all about- ie. nothing I am wearing costs more than 20 bucks- scooore! So I hope you feel inspired to go bargain hunting and thrifting for some wonderful things-do it DO IT!

Shirt- Old Navy
Bangles- India
Studded Bracelet- Self Made
Ring- thrifted
Skirt-TJ Max

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