Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Oh I do love a good thrift store- if you just look in the right places and choose carefully, there are so many many great pre-loved clothes and accessories out there. Having only recently discovered Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co (they don't exist in England yet!!!) I am such a addict now :-) anyways, here are some snaps of the thrift store finds that I have accumulated over the past few months. Isn't it just so much more fun being creative with your wardrobe rather than buying the currents trends off the rack? well I think so at least- I love playing with my outfits too, oh and I love a good deal even more. So, behold- the goodies I have found- and all are under $15. The Leopard print fur Jacket was just five bucks- yes really! best jacket Ever. full stop. no questions....So get yourself down to your local goodwill- great things await you =)


  1. the vests are INCREDIBLE! you found really great things!!!

    love your blog


  2. Love the first two jackets, such great finds! xx

  3. Amazing necklace and that pearl jacket is perfect!!!!!!

  4. I love your looks! :D I am so glad I'm following you. :*

  5. love the studded leather vest!

  6. Looove everything beaded in this post. Totally agree this got my creative juices flowing so much more than off the rack looks!

    xx Cristina