Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jeffery Campbell- Popping my Wedge Cherry

Yes it is true, I am a virgin to the wedge heel. Don't ask my why- its just is. The other day I was browsing Primark, Oxford Street, and found a very cute pair of suede, lace up wedges with a fur trim for a fiver (yes, really) and gave them a shot. Now I am in love. I need more!!! Jeffery Campbell would obviously be the ideal choice, but since my budget doesn't stretch that far (yet) I've been keeping an eye out for cheep and cheerful versions of the one shade wedge- so stylish, so perfect. So, now my wedge cherry has been popped- I take Campbell as my inspiration- so this is for you....

...and these much cheeper ones from New Look (£25) are for me:

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