Sunday, 26 December 2010


or perhaps...

Well I hope you had a most lovely Christmas time.Now back to the art for me... I was just thinking, Isn't it interesting how places and spaces and times influence inspiration or imagination. Well Minneapolis doesn't seam to be all that wonderful for my inspiration/imagination-have hardly drawn at all since I've been here. I guess with me I just need to be utterly un-inhibited and cuddled up on my spot on the couch at home in Berkeley where I am free to get as inky as needs be. If, like me, your are trying to be an artist I recommend investing in a $30 dollar couch to make your masterpieces on-all messiness is allowed!! Although, I haven't yet braved moving on to painting yet on the couch-I think that black ink is about all it can handle. On the positive side, I have been able to finally scan in a bunch of drawings while I have been here so now have lots to work on on my computer-which is a lot less messy thankfully :-)
Anyways, enough blabbering, here is one that has been most recently produced on the Mac and in Minnesota. I suppose not all is lost. This is my little ink friend-Talitha (meaning little girl in Arabic-and the name be parents would have called me if not for 'Zoe'). Well, she is featured in a little comic i have been doing and will soon be appearing here in comic form, but this is just a wee taster for now- so enjoy her and her beautiful bird/kite :-)

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