Monday, 27 December 2010

To India, with Love

Have spent many lovely times in Gorgeous India, I just love the art, the religion, the colors, the bugs! (not so much the snakes though) My parents live up in the hills surrounding Pune (which is about 4hours from Mumbai) and it really is beautiful, a rather far cry from America it must be said. Not sure when I will be able to head back there and man, America isn't so great on its Indian restaurants I must say. What I would give for a scrumptious dosa! Anyways, I did this one a while ago in honor of Ganesh Festival. Ganesh is so well loved in India, and well he is pretty lovable. Also studied Indian Philosophy at school, so all in all, India is pretty close to my heart. Always joked that I must have been Indian in my past life-I mean my art is pretty henna-esque :-) but here we go...hope you like :-)

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